6-25-2012 ZWOW #1…Beast Mode!

Hello again everyone!

Boy does it feel good to be back and blogging again.  I’ve got to keep working out my writing muscles too 🙂

I had a fantastic workout this morning–it was REALLY tough.  I totally underestimated the difficulty and intensity of the first ZWOW partly due to the fact that Zuzana had taken quite a bit of time off of her strict regimen for personal reasons, had put on some weight, and lost some of her strength.  I thought “well I’ve been at this for a while…I should be able to KILL her time!”  Boy was I ever wrong.  I seemed to have forgotten how driven and beastly Zuzana is.  She powered through it like a machine–even with reduced strength she completed this tough workout faster than I could.

Workout: ZWOW 1 <——–That’s the link to the workout 🙂

Mood: Determined

Workout Breakdown

Divebombers (10)

Burpees (5)

Side to Side squat leg lifts (40)

Burpees (5)

Side Plank Lifts (10 each side)

Burpees (5)

One Leg Pistol Squats (10 each leg)

Burpees (5)

This is one round.  Do a total of three to complete the workout!

My time: 31 min and 39 sec!  That beats my time for my last attempt at this workout by 6 min.

I know I could probably still push harder because there were gaps of time where I stopped to breathe that I know I could have been moving, but I was huffing and puffing so I’ll enjoy the improvement as it comes (lol).  Watch Zuzana’s video for instructions and demonstration.  If you have any questions about any of the exercises, feel free to leave a comment and I will answer you quickly 🙂

I’m looking forward to tomorrows run and the first day of week 2 of my C210K program!  It will be hot as Hades so hopefully I won’t pass out on my trail 😦  You know it’s too hot when you consider waking up at 6 on your day off just so you can run during the coolest hour of the day.  Ugh.  I will also be doing the second ZWOW, so look for that as well!  I hope you enjoy this workout and I would love to know everybody’s scores/time.  It’s fun sharing workouts with friends so that everyone is doing the same thing at the same time and let’s face it: the competition is addictive!  Good luck!

Sweat HARD!

❤ Lauren


About laurendaniels48

Rather than just WISHING you could be like your hero, why not try actually stepping into their shoes and following the same path they did to really become like them? Everyone is different and should be the best version of themselves that they can be, but allow your inspiration, whether that be a person, organization, or event, to help take you there. My fitness inspiration is Zuzana Light. I have been following her workouts on and off since May of 2011 and they have made a huge difference in my body composition, energy, and strength. For an entire month (January 2012) I got completely off track and felt like I needed to start fresh, so I created this blog with the hope of inspiring myself and others. I originally started from the very first workout Zuzana posted on Bodyrock.tv and was working my way through all of them in order to the most recent: ZWODs, but then later changed my strategy and am now only incorporating the ZWODs as well as some endurance training. I will be posting most of the written workout breakdowns, my scores, fitness progress, recipes, and extra information about my diet. I hope others will follow along! **I do not in any way claim to have created any of the workouts that I will post on this site unless stated otherwise. All of these workouts belong to Bodyrock.tv and Zuzka Light. View all posts by laurendaniels48

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